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 Join the GEG for Homeschoolers  

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We're Working Together to Provide the Best Digital Learning Experiences for Our Kids 

Benefits of Training with Us

Co-Op Support

Are you a co-op that would like to use G Suite for Education?  We'll help you through the application process as well as make sure you're equipped with the information to use these technical tools effectively in your homeschools.

Results Driven

We are strategic with our approach to technology.  We will make sure you have a clear path to ensure your kids are learning the best technical skills to position them as leaders in the highly competitive 21st century global workforce.

Parent Tools

You are not alone.  As parents and educators it can be overwhelming to implement technology in the most effective way.  We're here to help walk you through the transition and strategies that are appropriate for your specific homeschool.

Live Sessions

We as homeschoolers know that nothing takes the place of hands-on learning.  That's why we're providing live courses and training sessions to give parents and students real-time experience and feedback with a Google Certified Trainer.

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Let us Help You Get Started with G Suite for Your Homeschool

Let us Help You Get Started with G Suite for Your Homeschool

Intro to G Suite for Homeschools
Intro to G Suite for Homeschools
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Frequently Asked Questions
Co-Op Support Services
Co-op Support Services
Using the G Suite for Education Apps
Using the G Suite for Education Apps
Teaching with Google Classroom
Teaching with Google Classroom
Events & Live Online Sessions
Events & Live Online Sessions
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Congratulations to the Co-Ops who have joined us!

Click the academy names below to see their individual websites. These academies use G Suite for Education.

Technology was created to enhance our lives and careers. The success and wellbeing of our future generations depend on it.

Let's learn to embrace it together.

Committed to making tech easy, relevant and worth the effort.

See what others are saying


Angela is one of the best trainers I have been involved with. She has a great knack for making the complex seem easy and is always there to help and remind me what I might be doing wrong, which eliminates the frustration level greatly. She is always patient and never lets me feel like she's frustrated with my 'denseness' on any given subject.

Alan R.

San Marcos, California


Angela Valentine has a passion of learning and teaching others new technology that will make business and life easier. What impresses me is before sharing new things, she investigates the programs, learns as much as she can, introduces them, and then she has the God-given talent to teach simply and effectively. She encourages learning and using new technologies. She says, "don't be afraid to learn new technologies -- it's not as bad as you think". I appreciate Angela so much because so many have and will benefit from her passion of learning and teaching.

Alwanda C.

Nashville, Tennessee


Angela has a gift of teaching others in a way that inspires you to want to learn more. She knows her material and if not sure about the answer to a question, she is quick to find that answer for the client/student. In the years that I have known Angela, I have found her to be a professional, insightful person who challenges and encourages others to step out and learn the technical tools available to them.

D. Lloyd

British Columbia, Canada


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