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Hello! I'm Angela Valentine.  I love people and technology.  Teaching is my passion.  My goal is to help you become your best as you learn to expand your reach with technology.  I'm excited to join with other world-class educators to help you become a Technology Champion.  Let's do tech together!

Google Certified Educator, Levels 1 and 2 

Anyone can become a Google Certified Educator and even work toward certification from the comfort of their own home. The Training Center provides free online courses for both Levels 1 and 2 paths. Each course unit comprises reading passages, audio clips and video testimonials from fellow educators as well as “Lesson Check”questions to help ensure you’re making progress. Each unit ends with a formal assessment, which features real-world scenarios Google Certified Educatorss may encounter in their classrooms.

Unlike some ed tech certifications, Google for Education training is a relatively significant investment of time, especially considering the ever-busy schedules of educators. Online training for Google Certified Educator Level 1 takes approximately 12 hours to complete, while Level 2 training requires about 10 hours. Upon completing the online trainings, a three-hour online assessment is provided for each (with a $10 exam fee for Level 1 and a $25 fee for Level 2).


Google Certified Trainer

For those who are already adept with Google Apps (G Suite) for Education and are training colleagues in their school or district, obtaining a certification as a Google Trainer may be a logical next step. Similar to the Google Certified Educator program, educators must complete online courses and a 90-minute exam ($15 fee) to become a Google Certified Trainer. In addition to course completion, educators must submit a formal application, including a demo training video, professional references, and other trainer application requirements.

Once certification is achieved, trainers must continue to keep their Google skills sharp throughout the year. This includes:

  • Conduct and report at least 12 training/coaching sessions per year

  • Share ideas and resources with our community of trainers

  • Resubmission of interest, including annual product update assessment

Additionally, there are periodic updates to the Trainer program. Google suggests checking their site and reviewing their FAQ External link .

Google Certified Innovator

The crème de la crème of Google for Education certifications, Google Certified Innovators are a select group of educators who not only love Google and train others on it, but are passionately innovating uses for the Google Apps (G Suite) ecosystem in education. Similar to Google Certified Trainers, Google Certified Innovators are provided special speaking opportunities to share their knowledge in the education field.

To apply to be a Google Certified Innovator, one must be a Level 2 Google Certified Educator and be able to demonstrate tech innovation in schools. Google only opens applications for the Innovator program periodically, so interested educators should keep their eyes peeled for updates on the next application round.

What makes the Innovator path starkly different from the other programs is Innovation Academy, a three-day in-person training. Those accepted into the program will likely have to pay their own travel expenses, although the Google site notes, “Limited travel assistance may be available.” The Innovation Academy is a time to meet and work with other passionate Google educators face to face; bring the knowledge back to the classroom; and continue to learn, share and grow together in the coming year.

and Adults

Google Cloud Certification G Suite - New!

As the workplace becomes increasingly digital, collaborating effectively using real-time productivity tools is becoming a prerequisite skill. A Google Cloud certification in G Suite signals to employers your readiness to operate in today's modern work environment. By earning the G Suite certification, you prove your ability to use cloud-based tools to create and share documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and files. You demonstrate that you can communicate effectively with email and online meeting solutions.

NOW AVAILABLE FOR STUDENTS! This is the first certification from Google, where students can demonstrate mastery of G Suite applications such as Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Students who successfully pass the certification will receive a digital badge they can add to their resume or Linkedin profile. The G Suite certified status indicates to prospective employers fluency in digital collaboration tools and workplace readiness.


To earn this certification you must pass the 2-hour G Suite certification exam ($37 or $75 fee).

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Benefits of Training with Our Community

Expert Training

Making the decision to get your Google Certification can seem overwhelming. "What do I need to study? How do I make the time?" That's why you need a Certified Trainer to help you strategize, make sure you're learning the most relevant information and to help you stay accountable until you reach your goal.

1:1 or Group Training

Different people need different training opportunities.  Perhaps you're better in a group setting with peers and study groups.  Perhaps you need 1:1 training and coaching that works with your specific schedule and based on your personal goals.  Discover the training options that work best for you and your busy lifestyle.

Do you have experience with Google in the classroom and only need apps training?  Are you new to Google for Education and need more in-depth training with apps and how to use them in the classroom? Your Certified Trainer will work with you to create a solution to meet your personal development goals.


Exam Prep

What do you need to be  able to take the Google certification exam?  What are the technical requirements?  How long is the exam?  How do I register for the exam?  Is there a fee?  Your Certified Trainer will walk you through how to prepare for your Google certification exams.

Customized Courses

Technology was created to enhance our lives and careers. The success and wellbeing of our future generations will depend on it.

Let's learn to embrace it together.

Committed to making tech easy, relevant and worth the effort.

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Angela is one of the best trainers I have been involved with. She has a great knack for making the complex seem easy and is always there to help and remind me what I might be doing wrong, which eliminates the frustration level greatly. She is always patient and never lets me feel like she's frustrated with my 'denseness' on any given subject.

Alan R.

San Marcos, California


Angela Valentine has a passion of learning and teaching others new technology that will make business and life easier. What impresses me is before sharing new things, she investigates the programs, learns as much as she can, introduces them, and then she has the God-given talent to teach simply and effectively. She encourages learning and using new technologies. She says, "don't be afraid to learn new technologies -- it's not as bad as you think". I appreciate Angela so much because so many have and will benefit from her passion of learning and teaching.

Alwanda C.

Nashville, Tennessee


Angela has a gift of teaching others in a way that inspires you to want to learn more. She knows her material and if not sure about the answer to a question, she is quick to find that answer for the client/student. In the years that I have known Angela, I have found her to be a professional, insightful person who challenges and encourages others to step out and learn the technical tools available to them.

D. Lloyd

British Columbia, Canada

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