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What makes us different than other training programs?

What makes us different than other training programs?

Our Mission:

To create courses and learning opportunities (in person and online) to help learners develop the essential modern-day skills they need to prepare for technology-based educational settings, to prepare for and find a job, or to grow their business or nonprofit organization. We are committed to teaching the best digital skills that create a positive economic impact in communities at home and abroad. 

  • Our Courses are Google-based and taught by Google Certified Trainers to ensure our students get top-notch instruction

  • Our Courses feature the latest technology programs and trends to help lay a foundation to create leaders in technology (we focus on training the trainers)

  • ​Our Courses help our learners prepare for industry-recognized certifications


  • Our Certification and Digital Skills Courses meet the standards established by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)

  • Our Courses are Hands-on, allowing our students to experience learning on the Google for Education platform; the same digital education tools used by 7 of the 8 Ivy League Universities

Providing simple, relevant and customized training for:


Technology is a part of everyone's life and career. Learn the latest and most relevant tech skills you can start using  right away. Our tech classes are a great way to achieve personal development for career advancement.


If you're a business owner in today's economy there are some basic tech skills you should know.  Don't get left in the dust.  Learn about the most relevant tech resources available to help your business thrive online.


More and more schools are beginning to implement technical devices and online teaching methods. Administrators, teachers and homeschools need the training that will keep them

up-to-date with these advancements.


It's a fact that technology can help your nonprofit organization or ministry do more good in the world.  Are you and your staff trained and equipped to use the technical resources available to you to help you better serve your mission?

Join Our Community of Global Learners and Champions

Hosting workshops with Google-created courses designed for:

4 Easy Ways to Start Learning Tech With Us Today:

Option #1:  Get Your G Suite Certification

and Adults

A great way to get started with Google. Join our online classes you can take at your own pace.  Then connect with a Google Certified Trainer via a live Google Hangout once a week to answer questions and for other tips to prepare for this newly released certification.  Video-based classes are easy to follow and understand and perfect for those who want to demonstrate they have the most relevant and up-to-date tech skills. Recommended if you want to earn your first Google Certification.  Anyone age 13 and above can participate!


Option #2:  Let Your Kids Learn Online with Us

A cool place for kids and their parents (and teachers too!*) to hang out online with Dorian and His Mom (me) while we learn tech together. We will learn about cool educational apps, digital safety, Intro to Coding, and G Suite for Education apps (the Chromebook apps some kids are already using in their schools). Grab your iPads/tablets, laptops or smartphones and let's learn something cool together.  Super easy, go-slow sessions for kids and adults. Something for everyone, grades K-12. Must be accompanied by a parent.  Join us for a free online info session to learn more.  
*Teachers are welcome to come and watch live demonstrations of how they can use the same resources and tools in their classrooms.


For teachers and leaders who want to become Google for Education Certified Trainers.  We will learn and go through the steps to becoming a trainer, including Google Certified Educator Level 1 and 2. These online courses are live, hands-on and will dive deep into the training material. Perfect if you like to learn in small groups. Created for those who want to take their time and get lots of hands-on practice with the material and apps covered in the training.

Option #3:  Become a Google Certified Trainer


Do you use and iPad at home or in the classroom?  Join this community to learn how to use your Apple devices as learning tools. This community is led by an Apple Teacher and is for Mac/Apple/iOS (iPad/iPhone) users.  Learn about the education apps and resources specific to iOS. Parents can learn the basics of the Family Share app (how to monitor and control your kid's screen time) and teachers can learn about how to become an Apple Teacher and use iPads in their classrooms.  You will also learn about free events such as Apple Camp, field trips and how to find trainings in your area for teachers and/or families.  This is a great (and FREE) resource!

Option #4:  Join Our Apple Teacher/Parent Community


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Technology was created to enhance our lives and careers. The success and wellbeing of our future generations depend on it.

Let's learn to embrace it together.


Committed to making tech easy, relevant and worth the effort.

See what others are saying


Angela is one of the best trainers I have been involved with. She has a great knack for making the complex seem easy and is always there to help and remind me what I might be doing wrong, which eliminates the frustration level greatly. She is always patient and never lets me feel like she's frustrated with my 'denseness' on any given subject.

Alan R.

San Marcos, California


Angela Valentine has a passion of learning and teaching others new technology that will make business and life easier. What impresses me is before sharing new things, she investigates the programs, learns as much as she can, introduces them, and then she has the God-given talent to teach simply and effectively. She encourages learning and using new technologies. She says, "don't be afraid to learn new technologies -- it's not as bad as you think". I appreciate Angela so much because so many have and will benefit from her passion of learning and teaching.

Alwanda C.

Nashville, Tennessee


Angela has a gift of teaching others in a way that inspires you to want to learn more. She knows her material and if not sure about the answer to a question, she is quick to find that answer for the client/student. In the years that I have known Angela, I have found her to be a professional, insightful person who challenges and encourages others to step out and learn the technical tools available to them.

D. Lloyd

British Columbia, Canada

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